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Variable Speed Portable Evaporative Cooler with an Air Flow range of 16,500 – 24,000 Max CFM, and a cooling coverage up to 6,500 sq. ft. with a Water Resevoir of 64 gallons. Ultra-quiet performance with only 60 db(A) @ 5 ft. Proudly made in Fortville, Indiana, USA!

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Cool-Space is perfect for cooling open and well-ventilated spaces that allow the cooler to draw in plenty of fresh warm air to cool your space. A Cool-Space portable evaporative cooler can get cooling where you need it so you aren’t wasting money and energy cooling unoccupied areas. The Cool-Space Blizzard is the largest evaporative cooler in the Cool-Space Product Family, and it boasts a 50″ fan that can cool up to 6,500 sq. ft. You’ll enjoy the Blizzard’s massive cooling effect for an extended period of time with thanks to the 64 gallon water reservoir. Completely portable with a thick, UV resistant housing that will not leak or rust. Edge-coated, 8″ thick cooling media. Standard electrical outlet and a garden hose or portable supply tank are the only requirements for use. This well-designed portable evaporative cooler is built with durable, high quality components so that we can offer our tough, long-lasting, industry-best portable evaporative coolers. That’s why we back it up with a 5-year Warranty on all parts and a Lifetime Warranty on the housing.

This model features 8″ thick, Edge-Coated Cooling Media. The heart of a portable evaporative cooler is the cooling media or the “pads” that are soaked with water and provide the cooling effect. Because hot air is forced through these pads, the thicker the pads are the more surface area there is available to cool the air, increasing the temperature drop. Cool-Space has 8″ thick, Greenguard certified cooling media compared to our competitor’s 6″ thick cooling media. The extra 33% offers more surfaces for evaporation, resulting in greater temperature drops; ETL, UL and CE approved; and delivers up to 33°F cooling effect – depending on relatively humidity. Cooling media is an 8” thick, cross corrugated cellulose material: angle fluted to provide effective cooling and air distribution, and edge-coated with thermosetting resin giving additional strength and protection from growth of algae or mildew. All evaporative coolers use water pumps in their reservoirs to pump water to the top of the cooling media so water flows down evenly. However, when the water source is turned off or running low, the pump could reach a point where it could be damaged. Cool-Space provides a low water shut-off on its submersible pump. This low water shut-off keeps the pump from overheating and preventing damage to the pump.

Cool-Space has a cap for easy access to the reservoir for water treatment additives such as CTT or REFRESH Tablets. Therefore, you do not have to take out the cooling media to gain access to the reservoir. Cool-Space also has a drain plug on all models for convenient draining. Invest in your employees’ safety and improve productivity – buy Cool-Space! Outside dimensions are 75-1/4″ Wide x 36″ Deep x 87-1/2″ High.

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Shipping Weight 450.0 lbs
Pack Quantity 1
Assembly Required No
Skid Yes


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