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FaceTec Capo™ Headgear

FaceTec Capo™


FaceTec™ with cap attachment less suspension, for slotted hard hats, CSA. Comfortable, complete coverage for the face and neck is available with this double-crown faceshield. Molded from high-strength polycarbonate material, it is made to withstand rugged use. Capmount syle fits into most hard hat slots. Visor and hard hat are sold separately. Proudly made in USA!

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For applications that require head and face protection, select a faceshield system based on the hazard that will mount to the hard hat such as with the FaceTec™ Ultimate Face Protection Headgear. Faceshield systems attached to the hard hat using adapters that fit into the slots of a hard hat that has a spring that wraps around the hard hat and has a channel that accepts the peak of the hat. The hard hat visor carrier seals the carrier to the hat preventing particles from entering he eye/face area.

Polycarbonate (PC) provides excellent impact and heat resistance; however, it does not offer the same chemical resistance as PETG or Acetate. Other things to consider: 1) Faceshields and visors that are certified to a CSA or ANSI standard are tested as a complete unit, meaning the visor is attached to a specific faceshield. When you use another manufacturers’ visor on a faceshield, you are voiding the CSA or ANSI testing and the facecshield may not provide the impact protection; 2) Where exposure to projectiles exist most commonly created when grinding, drilling, metal, wood or concrete materials, consider face protection that covers the neck area to the collar bone as does this product by Dentec Safety; 3) Always wear eye protection under a faceshield system as the user normally lifts the visor from the face. The eye protection will protect the user from projectiles created by workers near them.

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Shipping Weight 2.7 lbs
Pack Quantity 1
Assembly Required No
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