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Pulse-Bac Vacuums

Pulse-Bac Vacuums

Tulsa, OK

Fifteen years ago, David McCutchen noticed that there seemed to be an almost inescapable loss of suction occurring with most vacuums used in the construction industry, which was caused by the filter becoming clogged with fine dust and debris and cutting off airflow to the vacuum motor. While working to devise with a solution, he forgot to hook up a couple of electric leads, and the simple mistake led to a vacuum that actually “pulsed” the dust off the filter—better than anything he’d ever tried.

Today, Pulse-Bac offers a number of high-quality products and has 15 patents under their belt for the innovations found in their Tulsa, OK-made vacuums. The company’s engineers and production teams are continuously working to improve their products, and they are dedicated to helping professionals in myriad industries find the best dust-collection solutions to increase their productivity and protect their health.

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