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Simpsonville, SC

The high-quality synthetic lifting slings and protective rigging gear offered by Stren-Flex are manufactured in the U.S.A. of the highest-quality American-made webbing and high-tensile thread to ensure safety in every material-handling application. Crafted to meet or exceed current OSHA and A.N.S.I. standards, all Stren-Flex webbing is features red safety core yards woven into the material to serve as a warning of excessive wear or possible damage.

The company’s Simian GT Roundslings have the highest capacity ratings per color code in the industry, and their Simian Ultra High-Performance Fiber Roundslings offer advanced strength-to-weight rations for extreme heavy lifting. They also offer a wide variety of cargo control tie downs, chain slings, wire rope slings, and rigging hardware. Stren-Flex is led by subject-matter experts who are recognized as such by industrial associations and their peers.

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