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Strong Hold

Strong Hold

Louisville, Kentucky

The most trusted brand in America for heavy-duty storage and workplace solutions, Strong-Hold offers much more than your average gray storage box. Their engineered, industrial cabinets, bins, lockers, tool carts, shelving units and furniture are all built to withstand the test of time for even the toughest applications

The Louisville, KY company, originally Fabricated Metals Corp, was started by entrepreneur Anthony W. Diebold in 1955, and thrived due to products of exceptional quality and its culture of hard work, organization, lean productivity, and American Pride. Today the company is in its 3rd generation of Diebold family stewardship and operates with the same principles it started with, including a commitment to community, state and country, and a celebration of diversity that includes workers from 19 nations worldwide.

Strong-Hold’s 12 and 14-gauge Industrial Cabinets are a perfect example of the quality that has put them at the forefront of the industry. And all backed by a 25-year warranty! Their broad product line has expanded to include Heavy-Duty Flammable Safety Cabinets, Mobile Medical Cabinets, Industrial Partitions, and storage solutions for Lean Manufacturing, among others. A classic example of superior workmanship using American-made steel with advanced manufacturing.

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