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US Jack

US Jack

Benton Harbor, MI
12-Ton Shorty Jack

US Jack today produces custom-made hydraulic jacks with an emphasis on durability and longevity, and is the only manufacturer offering rebuildable jacks. The U.S. military relies on products from US Jack as do many other end-users with demanding specifications such as BAE System, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing Aerospace, Oshkosh Trucks, and Snap-on Tool. And although supporting our troops with 100% USA-made equipment is their tradition, the company also considers themselves “a jack for all trades” as customers from various industries have found the dependability and longevity of their products to be an ideal fit for everything from industry, heavy-duty trucks, and farm equipment to construction vehicles and marinas.

It’s about more than just American pride and craftsmanship; it’s about quality and safety.

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