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1.5″ Dovetail Fixture, 2 Clamps, Aluminum, 3.0″ Fixture Height, 4″ Bolt Circle Diameter

1.5" Dovetail Fixtures


Made for Tombstones with a 2.0″ X 2.0″ Hole Pattern or 4.0 Bolt Circle – without a boss or plug. The RWP-026 is a 1.5″ Dovetail holder for milling and turning applications. It offers superior clamping strength while allowing access to five sides of the workpiece. Most features can be completed in a single operation. You prepare all your parts with a single dovetail and utilize the same fixture for every part. Max Workpiece Weight @ 30# (13.607 kg). Proudly made in Union, Ohio, USA!

Your item will drop-ship from the manufacturer. Due to unprecedented material and labor shortages nationwide shipping lead times may be longer than normal. In advance, thanks for your patience. Rest assured we will do everything possible to expedite the shipment of your order.


Please note this fixture will not mount to Raptors’ Adaptors or Risers. The standard RWP-026 is manufactured from 7075-T6511 Aluminum, Anodized Class 2 Type II. The fixture clamps are made from 17-4 Stainless Steel. Use Clamp Replacement Kit RWP-Kit-301SQ. Raptor Dovetail Fixtures are made to hold your part on four and five-axis CNC machines. Our unique Raptor Dovetail spring-loaded clamps require only .125″ of material to hold the workpiece. That means less waste, easier prep and no distortion. You prepare all your parts with a single dovetail and utilize the same fixture for every part.

With Raptor, you can run a wide variety of parts and eliminate the changeover time. There is no need to spend time removing and replacing custom fixtures in your machines. We simplified the process! Smaller Raptor Fixtures can also be attached to larger ones, allowing you to switch to any size part as fast as you can turn a hand tool. Multiple Raptors can be mounted to tombstones, bridges, carousels, nests and base plates.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 12.0 lbs
Pack Quantity 1
Assembly Required No
Skid No


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