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4-Fluted, Coated 0.350″ Diameter, 0.125″ High Dovetail Cutter

Dovtail Cutters


Designed for prolonged life & for harder materials. Works well with 1.5″, 0.750″, 0.500″ & 0.375″ dovetail sizes. Please see the Long Description for a list of compatible Dovetail Fixtures. Proudly made in Union, Ohio, USA!

Your item will drop-ship from the manufacturer. Due to unprecedented material and labor shortages nationwide shipping lead times may be longer than normal. In advance, thanks for your patience. Rest assured we will do everything possible to expedite the shipment of your order.


Compatible with RWP-001, RWP-001SS, RWP-002, RWP-002SS, RWP-003, RWP-003-4X, RWP-004, RWP-007SS, RWP-011SS, RWP-012SS, RWP-013, RWP-013SS, RWP-015, RWP-017SS, RWP-018, RWP-018SS, RWP-019-4X45T, RWP-019-4X90T, RWP-019SS, RWP-022SS, RWP-023, RWP-024, RWP-025, RWP-042SS, and RWP-401-11. Dovetail cutters are used to prepare workpieces for the Raptor dovetail system. The RWP-DC407C 4-Flute Coated Dovetail Cutter is intended for hard-material workpieces: steel, titanium, and others.

All Raptor Dovetail Fixtures are attached to the workpiece using the same simple dovetail. Setup is quick, easy and the same for every part. Best of all, Raptor Dovetail Fixtures only require .125″ of material to hold the workpiece. That means less waste, easier prep, and no distortion. Raptor dovetail cutters cut at 60° angle.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 2.0 lbs
Pack Quantity 1
Assembly Required No
Skid No


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