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Column Sentry® FIT-Small, Federal Yellow, 16″ OD x 42″ Height

Column Protector


Tough, highly visible, easily installed, cost effective and versatile. Adjustable from 4″x4″ to 8″x8″ columns. An exclusive, patented air vent system allows air to escape during impact without splitting the sides. 4-sided design slides and adjust to fit exactly around columns within range. Design provides equal protection all around the column. Molded from a specific mixture of HDPE and EVA. Stackable, weatherproof, chemical resistant and UV stabilized. Bounces back after impact to protect structural columns from collision damage. Proudly made in USA!

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Part/Model Number: INNO-CS-FIT-S-Y Categories: ,


Column Sentry FIT is a revolutionary advance in column protector design. This new, patented product replaces the normal 2-sides with a unique, interlaced 4-sided design. This improves the product in many ways: the sliding sides means an exact and perfect fit to each column within each range; the 4-sided design means equal protection for every side (vs. 2-sided protectors have 2 flexible and 2 stiff sides).; the important corner-to-corner protection zone stays constant, no matter what size.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 34.0 lbs
Pack Quantity 1
Assembly Required No
Skid No


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