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Column Sentry Protector, 24″ OD x 8″ Square ID x 42″ Height, Federal Yellow

Column Protector


Tough, highly visible, easily installed, cost effective and versatile. Designed to fit square, round, or H-columns up to 8″x8″ in size. An exclusive, patented air vent system allows air to escape during impact without splitting the sides. 4-sided design slides and adjust to fit exactly around columns within range. Design provides equal protection all around the column. Molded from a specific mixture of HDPE and EVA. Stackable, weatherproof, chemical resistant and UV stabilized. Bounces back impact after impact protecting structural columns from collision damage. Proudly made in USA!

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Easily installed with Installation Straps included. Column Sentry® is the original, patented column protector, saving interior building columns by surrounding them with a cushion of air. This protector is very easy to install, without using any tools, and is extremely effective at column damage prevention. It is available in a number of sizes to fit most every column. This column protector is highly visible in its standard safety Yellow color, preventing forklift collisions. When hit, Column Sentry® flexes, protecting the column, the forklift, and the forklift operator. The protector is molded of low-density polyethylene, making it tough while keeping it maintenance free.

Column Sentry’s patented air-chamber makes it unique: Sentry’s air-vent system provides the best protection available for a column protection device. This unique system allows air to escape during impact, allowing the column protector to absorb impact without splitting the sides.

Now Proven to be the best column damage prevention available: In a recent test conducted by a recognized international testing company, Column Sentry® proved to be significantly more resistant to impact than the leading imitation protectors. Testing was done on similar sized products and found that the genuine Column Sentry® protector was 83% more effective in resisting impact than the imitation column protector.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 56.0 lbs
Pack Quantity 1
Assembly Required No
Skid No


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