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Wood Vise Screw – Basic Kit


Wood Vise Screw – Basic Kit includes: One hard maple wood Vice Screw; and One hard maple wood nut. Handle not included. Proudly made in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA!

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If you want a robust and fast wooden vise to power your workbench workholding for leg, twin-screw, face or tail vises, then look no further. The Lake Erie Toolworks wood vise kit is simply the best. Our regular wood vise screw has a single start thread (which means 1 thread per inch) that provides a 2 turns per inch vise screw movement (2TPI) – therefore, you would turn the handle two complete revolutions and the screw will advance or retract 1″ (25mm).

Vise Screw is milled from a solid billet of hard maple, no glue joints! Full Size Wood Vise Screw Kit is used for Leg Vises, Twin Screw Vises, Face Vises, and Tail Vises.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 8.0 lbs
Pack Quantity 1
Assembly Required Yes
Skid No


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