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What does it mean to be “Made in the USA?”

It means to be assembled here. By companies that are located here. From raw materials and components manufactured here to the maximum extent possible.* But that’s just the beginning. Made in the USA means a stronger U.S. economy. More jobs. And the success of businesses that put exceptional quality and service first.

At Made in USA Tools, we’re committed to finding, vetting and bringing the absolute finest, most innovative, professional-grade, American-made tools to our online store, so that you can find exactly what you want and need to build your own American dream.

Behind Every Great Tool There’s a Great Story

We’ve devoted countless hours to finding the best of the best.

We’ve searched the country, looking for the finest tool manufacturers in the nation, many
of which are small and family-owned businesses that put exceptional quality and pride of
workmanship before prestige and profits.
By providing them with a platform to share
their stories and wares, we give you the freedom to choose the absolute best tools for your job,
and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your tools were certifiably made in the USA with
honesty, integrity and transparency.

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